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As much as we love and appreciate the development of virtual worlds and the unfolding cyberculture, the Studio has a deep history with digital video editing. Our CEO, Allan Lundell, tracked the topic in depth from the beginning, testing lots of gear and writing many articles and online columns over the last few decades in MacWorld, Videomaker, Mondo 2000, Desktop Video World, and DV Magazines. The Studio's co-founder, Marian 'Sun' McNamee, is a digital video editor par excellance, wielding tools like Adobe's Premiere, Photoshop, After Effects, and Hollywood Effects as if they are child's play.

Their mutual interest in innovative media technologies, combined with a dominant tinkering gene which Allan inherited from his grandfather, has resulted in the creation of a powerful studio, with 5 digital video editing systems, each suited to different specialty production work. The Virtual World Studio includes two Sony Viao digital editing pods (for graphics, animation, video editing, special effects, and the like), one workstation devoted to Avatar creations, a powerful audio editing station, and a way cool Pro-One Pinnacle Real Time edit station.

Pinnacle's Pro-ONE incorporates a new software architecture which allows multiple simultaneous real-time effects on multiple image sources. Pro-ONE can independently map two video channels onto arbitrary 3D objects (e.g. a cube or sphere) in real time! For those of us in the biz, this is exciting, making video editing much faster, with a look as sophisticated as the big network studios. It also combines video with computer graphic animation in realtime, another very helpful thing in the edit process.

From commercials, infomercials, documentaries, or video arts for live events, we create sophisticated animated imagery in real time, immediately incorporating our client's (or our audience) feeback during the real time creative editing process. We get a look and feel that we can see and modify on the spot. Fluid media... A very satisfying story telling medium-just what we needed to keep up with the many stars who live in our neighborhood.

As we continue to develop our site, we will post some examples from our extensive project library, so check back here again.

Some of our video clients include:
Stanford University Graduate School of Business,
University of California at Santa Cruz,
Universal Studios,
First Night Santa Cruz, Flanagan Technologies, New Earth News,
Holistic Health Journal's Passionate Living TV series pilot,
Golden Spiral Toys, Digital Producer Online Magazine,
Royal Body Care, Data Fusion, Magician Jay Scott Berry, and "Quantum Touch" author, Richard Gordon.


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