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Capturing Audio and Video

Digital Video Production
Where the Action is

We do it on location, at your place or in cyberspace

Until recently, television and movie production gear was big and bulky. Hence the creation of multimillion dollar production studios through which onscreen talent would be paraded and showcased. People came from far and wide to be on TV or in the movies.

But in the last ten years or so, media production gear has gotten smaller, better, and cheaper at a blindingly fast rate- quicker than anyone had expected. The media paradigm has turned inside out...It's now easy to take the gear to where the action is, and shoot on location. Even blue/green screen can be deployed on location with the advent of portable chroma-keyable screens.

The Virtual World Studio offers complete in-the-field services for producing digital multi-camera shoots, using state-of-the-art 3 chip DV cams, a portable lighting system, sound and video mixing, an FX computer, and power generator. With this gear we have shot interviews, trailers, infomercials, travel adventures, and live musical events.

With the addition of video screens, mixers, and video projectors, we have produced many special FX light shows for parties and musical events, tailored to the sensibilities of the client. We have performed digital light shows on Peter Gabriel's WOMAD tour (The Future Zone), The Tonight Show with Jay Leno, and many concerts with the Maui Techno Tantric Trance Band, Lost at Last.

We have five digital video editing systems, two of which are mobile for in-the-field locations. We are ready where you are.


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